Arteria Comunicaciones CERT

Arteria Comunicaciones CERT

Computer Emergency Response Team


Actively participate in the creation of a trustworthy cybersecurity ecosystem for our clients, through providing prevention and response capabilities to emerging cyber threats.


Consolidate CERT-Arteria as a leading cybersecurity body in LATAM.


The CERT-Arteria service provides its services internally to the business units of Arteria Comunicaciones, as well as to our clients according to the previously established service levels.

Sponsorship / Affiliation: The CERT ARTERIA Cybersecurity Incident Response Team is a business unit of the company Arteria Comunicaciones, S.A. de C.V.

Arteria Comunicaciones CERT

The ARTERIA Cybersecurity Incident Response Team carries out prevention and response activities to cybersecurity incidents, as part of Arteria Comunicaciones, S.A. de C.V., under the authority and within the framework defined by the General Management of the company.


  • Incident Response 7x24x365

    Remote support actions and services for the prevention, detection, analysis, containment, eradication, recovery and closure of cybersecurity incidents based on the application of processes, technologies and specialized knowledge, in order to minimize the possible adverse impact for organizations.
    This may involve technical assistance in interpreting the collected data, providing contact information, or conveying guidance on mitigation and recovery strategies.

  • Arteria-CERT has the ability to perform static and dynamic analysis of malicious code samples to discover Indicators of Compromise / detection patterns.
    Managing artifacts involves receiving information and copies of artifacts that are used in attacks, reconnaissance, and other unauthorized activities.
    The analysis performed may include identifying the file type and structure of the artifact, comparing a new artifact with existing artifacts or other versions of the same artifact for similarities and differences, or reverse engineering to determine purpose and function of the artifact.

  • Proactive services are designed to improve the constituency's infrastructure and security processes before any incident or event occurs or is detected. The main objectives are to avoid incidents and reduce their impact and scope when they occur.
    Preparation of a newsletter with Relevant Alerts / news that includes Indicators of Compromise / CVE. Collaboration with national and international associations and working groups on cybersecurity frameworks, best practices and recommendations.

  • Cyber patrol is used to detect criminals and organizations that commit fraud and crime on Clear Web, Social Networks, and Deep / Dark Web.
    The monitoring will be carried out covertly and with the appropriate technological tools, we will report Indicators of Compromise / possible attribution for the different criminal behaviors, such as: Sale of sensitive and confidential information: user names and passwords, cards banking, customer databases, corporate plans, fraud websites among others.
    Cyber patrol has four services that cover fundamental aspects for the protection of brand, reputation and assets, in order to avoid fraud or falsification of the image of the organization on the internet: Clear Web Monitoring, Deep / Dark Web Monitoring, Reports and Cyber intelligence.



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